Sunday, October 16, 2005

I went to the Constantines show and it was undoubtedly one of the best shows ever. That band floors me every time; I am continually astounded and astonished by their sheer energy, vitality, and quality. Their songs are consistently fantastic and I sincerely feel that they improve with each album. I can't wait until 2006 or 2007 so that they can top my year end lists then.

This week I found myself getting into some bands and some styles that I didn't think I'd be normally pumped on - namely metal, grind, and other assorted genres. I found myself splurging on some releases by some bands that I never thought I'd find myself listening to.

Orchid's self titled release is a seriously aggressive collection of work. I fell asleep listening to it last night, and I strongly feel that in prepared me for today. I find that music this intense tends to share a lot of the effects of noise music a la Wolf Eyes - the intensity becomes so overpowering that it actually calms you down and relaxes you. Orchid's speed and energy becomes so consistently pummeling that it ends up sounding like a drone after ten or fifteen minutes, which, coincidently, is exactly how long this album seems to last. Some songs fail to to top thirty seconds of sheer grind/metal noise, which is awesome - when you're in the mood, which I totally seem to have been.

The fathers of metalcore, Rorschach, released Autopsy in 1995 to offer a complete discography of their recorded material. The sheer influence this band has had on the punk and hardcore underground is laughable - when listening to Autopsy sometimes you swear that you're hearing Converge. There is nothing subjective about this statement - compare Jane Doe with Remain Sedate. Autopsy's power floored me, however, and after the first couple listens I've decided that I might have heard one of the best compilation releases of all time. I think this Rorschach release rates as high as Minor Threat's Complete Discography for sheer scope and power. Simply unforgettable.

Despite the fact that seemed to be my week for metal, I couldn't help but be fully absorbed by The National. "Finally," I keep saying to myself, "a wimp-rock band that doesn't sound wimpy." The National are pop music at its greatest - the songs are so brilliantly constructed, the lyrics are heavenly, and this record has not left my CD player for four days. I think I listened to Alligator more this week than any other album. It is beyond enjoyable, completely perfect. Chris Martin from Coldplay could learn a thing or two.

Next week in music...

Next week I guess I'll see how far I dive into my current metal and grind fixations. I picked up an Agoraphobic Nosebleed record today - it's called Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope. What's happening to me, what's happening...


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