Sunday, October 02, 2005

Saw Black Dice at Victory Lounge on Friday. We played with them, and that's the only way I would have seen them, since I'm under eighteen. I don't really know what to think of our set, but life's all about the next gig, right?

Black Dice is crazy. Not in the conventional sort of sense; they don't freak out, and jump around like most other crazy noise bands. Instead, all the energy stems from the fact that they are the equivalent to a large jet taking off, and are easily mistaken as such at times. The loudest live band ever, no jokes - and the sheer intensity of the volume equals sheer intensity of a live set. That is the only band I've ever seen that has literally rendered my earplugs useless. I think that I permanently damaged my hearing that night; the Victory Lounge is such a small venue, too, and seeing a band like that in a venue like that is simply skull crushing.

My week in music:

New Constantines album released on Three Gut - apparently the last release from the label that brought you Oneida, Jim Guthrie, and the first two Constantines albums. I think that Tournament of Hearts is the album of the year. Hands down. It's going to come down to Constantly Terrified by Hair Police, Broken Ear Record by Black Dice, Arular by MIA, that Xiu Xiu/Larsen collaboration, and this new Constantines record. It slays. It sounds like Fugazi playing Motown - or Mission of Burma playing Otis Redding - or something along the lines of some dirty punk rock band doing the craziest, oldest, deepest American rock'n'soul covers. You have to own this - own this or pose. Check out their webpage here. It's going to be tough deciding which album of theirs comes out on top. They are all absolutely wonderful records.

Matthew Herbert's Plat du Jour is ridiculous. Dance forged from the field recordings of chickens, bottled water, coca cola, pigs, cows, other slaughtered farm animals - is this electronica? Is this experimental? Is this political? It's a combination of everything; the beats are ambient enough to relax to, and the samples are recognizable enough for you to understand their political intention. This guy is taking a shot at the big food industry, and it's the thinking man's Super Size Me. I think I'm going to be listening to this for quite some time now. I tracked down some images of the guy, and the most interesting I thought was a picture of him squatting next to a baby chicken, sampling some squawking with a three thousand dollar Seinheiser microphone. Awesome.

I've also recently checked out The Hospitals, the album is I've Visited the Island of Jocks and Jazz. They're a really good San Francisco noise band. Awesome stuff on Load, home of Lightning Bolt, Sightings, White Mice, and anything else that's worthwhile and interesting in the musical world right now...except for maybe Neon Hunk. Good, original stuff doesn't come along all that often, and the lo-fi/no-fi ethic taken in the production of the Hospitals' music is almost just as endearing as that of Ariel Pink. I swear to god, this Hospitals stuff was recorded in a closet in a basement. It sounds that distant, that muddy, that noisy. Tape hiss is like an instrument on this record, and it adds to the haunting, pummeling effect of the sheer noise. Hanson totally missed the boat on this one dude, the Hospitals are totally a Hanson band. "They sound sort of like Scissor Girls," says a friend of mine. Decide for yourself.

Next week in music:

In the world of hip-hop, new Ghostface Killah, Atmosphere, Alchemist and Twista out next week. I've also got good feelings about the new Broken Social Scene album, there's some Captain Beefheart interview archives being released, and the Why? album is going to be good too. Good things happening in music right now, keep your ears glued to your headphones and your headphones glued to the ground...


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