Sunday, November 27, 2005

I used some of my birthday money to get myself a new record, one that I most definitely had not heard and one that I was going to be totally gripped by for weeks to come. I think I found exactly what I was looking for.

I was in the mood for ambient on the most part in the past seven days, so I indulged in some Rune Grammofon stuff and Akira Rabelais.

This week in music...

spellewauerynsherde is one of the most haunting albums I've ever heard. Released in 2004 and under the noses of basically everybody I know, I am now understanding the error of my ways for not picking up on Akira Rabelais' wonderful record. Rabelais digs into his tape archives a la William Basinski and decides to digitise his old documents. What he finds is hours of Gregorian lament songs, and so he overlaps them, processes them with a laptop and forms these wonderful compositions, instilling in you only feelings of regret and loss. This album is not an upper, yet it is so sadly beautiful.

This week also got me into Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget's Rune Grammofon recording, Low Tide Digitals. This record demonstrates Rune Grammofon's ability to release only the finest in free jazz/noise/ambient/experimental music, and this is absolutely no exception. With the quintessential Rune Grammofon addictive digipack packaging and the absurdly high quality production, I knew that as a Deathprod and Supersilent fanatic I was committing musical hubris by not picking this up.

Double Leopards produce some of the greatest drone/noise stuff around. With circuit benders, tone generators, guitars, and other assorted electronics, Double Leopards coax their instruments into delivering long, sprawling, orchestral drone compositions right to your headphones. Not as bassy as SunnO))) or as abrasive as Wolf Eyes, Double Leopards instead find a sort of shoegaze-influenced beauty in their ambience, a sound that Kevin Shields could identify with somewhat well. I like Halve Maen a lot, particularly "Hemisphere in Your Hair", a track clocking in at twenty minutes fifteen seconds.

Next week in music...

I'm hoping to pick up some Sunroof stuff, and possibly a killer Whitehouse album. I'm also really feeling Minamo, an ambient electronics duo from Japan. Sayonara...


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