Monday, November 21, 2005

I've been so busy this week. So busy, in fact, that I am yet again late with the update of this blog. So busy, that I did not even ponder which albums I listened to more than any others this week. I think I can pull it together now though...

Recording the music for a film makes you listen to certain albums by artists that the director wants to have influence your work. This week was pretty singer/songwriter-ish; and I hate most of that stuff, but when you're forced to listen to one particular genre, you pick the best of the best.

This week in music...

The director wants lots of Tom Waits I give him Tom Waits. Immersing yourself in Rain Dogs is never hard. People are constantly overlooking the greatness of this record. Taking you on a trip through acid-induced, Vaudevillean soul, to cryptic, percussive, dark stories of sadistic great uncles and slaughterhouses, this is basically as perfect as a folk record gets - mostly because it is so much more than that. Tom Waits is all attitude; even his love songs are snarly, gruff lyrical affairs that you can imagine have to be sung with and only with a leather jacket and a Philip Jackson.

One of the finest releases this year has undoubtedly been Arular, M.I.A.'s first proper studio album. Me, you, and everyone I know was probably floored by Piracy Funds Terrorism Vol. 1 last year, which left me in a funk driven, hip-hop based, experimental mess. That is a gripping album, and it left me literally salivating for the release of her debut. Lo and behold, Arular delivered, and it hasn't left my stereo much this last week. A fine record, possibly numero uno for 2005.

Lyle Lovett's Pontiac is a great album for one reason and one reason only: "If I Had A Boat". The rest of the album, while strong, is not even remotely close to touching this song for sheer quality. It sends chills down my spine every time I hear it, and its chord changes, its lyrical subject matter, and its delivery are so expertly crafted that you cannot deny that this is undoubtedly one of the finest songs ever written. Plus, the guy married Julia Roberts - he must be doing something right.

Next week in music...

Hopefully I'll get around to actually listening to some music...and hopefully I'll be on time with my next post.


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