Monday, November 14, 2005

Sorry about the tardiness of this post, Sunday was a busy day for me. Opted not to see the Dillinger Escape Plan last night due to my commitment to basketball. Don't much care for Hella and Between The Buried And Me anyway, so I figured it was slightly missable.

I do eventually want to see them though, considering that Miss Machine was a highlight of last week...though not listened to enough to score a place on my top three list.

Rova::Orkestrova's absolutely staggeringly interesting interpretation of John Coltrane's Ascension is breathtaking. Easily some of the most textural free jazz I have ever heard, offering up a slough of shrieking, cacophonic horns laced with the guitar noise of Nels Cline and the laptop manipulation of Ikue Mori. What a fantastic exploration into the field of sound, and such a brilliant delivery of the power of improvisation. The instrumentation is absolutely fascinating; modern digital experimental instruments are fused with a sonic virtuosity to a traditional approach to free jazz, creating an atmospheric, energetic and intense noise experience.

The Great Destroyer by Low is one of the most incredible records released this year. I once asked myself the question, "is it cooler when loud bands make quiet records, or when quiet bands make loud records?" before hearing the proof, in this document, that it was undoubtedly the former. Low, the definition of awesome wimp rock, bought a load of powerful Marshall Amps and electric guitars and used them. Their previous explorations into noise, like The Curtain Hits the Cast, are mere anecdotes to the loud, burgeoning riot they have going on here. Such an evolution is being show from these three Mormons from Salt Lake City - I basically can't wait till they release a split with Hair Police...That'll be the day.

The newest SunnO))) album, Black One, is one of the top releases this year. To those that have counted off this band as being merely Earth copyists, take note - Oren Ambarchi and John Wiese both make appearances on this record, offering one the conclusion that SunnO))) are total noise artists, furthering the violent experimentation of Merzbow's remixes on The Flight of the Behemoth, which were highly effective and climactic. Nothing beats going to sleep with SunnO))), especially the nightmares experienced when you're brave enough to follow through.

Next week in music...

I'm going to buy one more record with my birthday money. We're teetering closer to the edge of the year, meaning that everybody should have most of their best of lists completed by the end of November. I think I'm pretty sure what mine will look like; I doubt there's many surprises left in the last month of 2005. See you next week, on time this time...


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