Sunday, December 04, 2005

This week was my week of Mark Kozelek; I dove head first into the Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon catalogues and discovered one of my new favourite songs.

I got sort of back into folk, which is stuff I haven't really listened to in awhile - I didn't get into Iron and Wine, Kings of Convenience, and I'm not much of a Holopaw fan. The whole indie-folk thing just doesn't usually do it for me. For this reason, I couldn't be totally consumed by the acoustic guitar - I had to give myself my usual dose of noise.

Songs For A Blue Guitar was my number one record this week. The opening track, "Have You Forgotten", is achingly beautifully, re-acquainting you with all the sad moments of your life, and forcing you to find solace there. It is one of the most delicately written, accurate pieces of music I've heard in a long time, and I must say that the fact that the Red House Painters were on 4AD at one point makes them that much cooler. This music is so dark, yet it makes you feel so happy. Get out the hankies.

I have never heard an album as violent and heavy as Black Vase by Prurient. The sweat and pain of one crazy, manical shirtless man with two microphones and four towering amplifiers copulates with primal drumming and rhythmic screams to form something that can only be described as Black Flag meets Merzbow. Both of those artists seem like the Bobsy Twins in comparison however - the track "Silent Mary" speaks for itself I think. You can download it from the Load website. Echoey bellows, catapulting ferocity, all from one guy, two mics, and some floor toms. Totally incredible.

White Mice are just simply crazy. They dress up like lab rats - literally, bloody, sliced-up lab rats - with gigantic masks and weird bloody coats. They are a bass guitar, a drum set, and a circuit bender, and they make the craziest, weirdest mix of black metal/dirge/noise/sludge that I've ever heard. This album is one of my favourites of the year, hands down, and will find a place nestled in my top ten list. ASSPhiXXXEATATESHUN is one messed mindjob of a record - take it in pieces; it's ultra powerful.

So, couldn't be totally quiet this week - I really tried though. Keep those acoustic guitars coming, folks, and I'll keep smashing them into quaint, tiny little bits.


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