Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wow. Such lateness this week; a good three days. Inexcusable - except for the fact that sports and music have been otherwise consuming my life. My iPod broke for the fourth time last night, unfortunately. Looks like I'm back to the olden days' ways of listenin' to that there analog vinyl on my turntable.

I had a really hard time picking my top three for the past week. I have been in a very strange mood constantly.

First off, The Mouse and the Mask by Dangerdoom - something I wasn't particularly stoked on when it was released, but I think that it's kind of grown on me. I was disappointed, probably because - like every other MF Doom fan I know - I was comparing it to Madvillainy, one of the greatest, if not the greatest, hip-hop album ever. I'm not even kidding. That album is perfect in every way. Dangerdoom, after pondering its existence for many a night, is of course not as good, but uncomparable. Whereas Madvillainy is an experimental, abrasive, dark, harsh, and all-encompassing exploration of jazz, punk, soul, funk, noise, hip-hop, and just about any other kind of recorded "music" of the past twenty years, The Mouse and the Mask is a much more happier, poppier release. Still good though.

Madonna still owns. I'm serious. "Hung Up" is such a killer single. That beautiful ABBA sample, that punishing, heavy, bass, the awesome EQ on the snare, the totally compressed, poppy production, the emphasis on the extreme hook, the lack of lyrical subject matter...I love it. This is what overproduced, spoon-fed pop music crap should be. If every pop musician sounded like Madonna I would be feeling a lot different than I do about mainstream music at the moment. Unfortunately, Madonna merely sets the standard, and nobody really follows her lead.

I needed some Nels Cline to lift me out of the abyss of guilty pleasures that is pop music. Destroy All Nels Cline is some of the most textural abstract jazz guitar music ever recorded. I stand by the statement that Nels Cline stomps on Jimi Hendrix any day. Jeff Tweedy doesn't just pick his musicians out of a hat - there is a reason why Nels Cline is Wilco's touring guitarist. This guy runs toy lazer guns through his pickups, which he runs through a plethora of pedals - he is so punk rock it is sickening.

Nothing for next week, except promises of punctuality. Thanks for reading, see you soon...


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