Monday, January 23, 2006

Look Who Came Out On Top But Remains On the Bottom!
Or: "I Am Standing Up For Canada - By Not Voting For You, Asshole!"

It is a dark day in Canada thanks to the man pictured above.

And is it just me or does every socialist - democratic or revolutionary - have a bald head and a moustache?

There's Still Hope in the Harper World...

It's okay Jackie - all your leftist supporters understand the teeth-grinding frustration that is the only result of another right-wing conservative regime such as the one your fellow Canadians have now been subject to. We can all now collectively look forward to an era of pro-life, militaristic, Harper-heiling robots who impose their tyrannical thoughts on everybody who actually owns a brain.

Remember, in such blue times it's even better to be red. All we need now is a united, solid left-wing, democratic socialist party which will (over time) consume the hateful and greedy Conservative ideological fortress and topple every right-wing castle that comes our way. Come to think of it - Harper's got nothing. This government is doomed to fall - let's all do some castle topplin'.

On a Musical Note...Hahaha (Pun Count: 1)

I've also come to the stern conclusion that everything sucks. All institutions are corrupt and unbearable - marriage, the family, school, rock and roll, the it ranting; I call it nowhere to turn. And so, I listen to Wolf Eyes...and enjoy.

For this kind of mood, living in a "Heil Harper" world, only Nautical Almanac will do. Just look at this guy on the left...something tells me they don't sound like Billy Joel. I think they're more along the lines of making Throbbing Gristle sound like schoolchildren. Before you go, do two things: check out Rick Mercer's blog, and the Nautical Almanac album Rooting For the Microbes.

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