Saturday, January 14, 2006

Well, it's been awhile - since last year, really, since I posted on here. I think I'm going to start trying to host mp3s, so you'll be able to download some songs or albums from now on. Go crazy.

Best Cover Song Ever

So I might start giving you guys some songs I've been listening to lately, starting with this one. The Arcade Fire do an absolutely incredible live version of the Magnetic Fields song "Born On A Train" - which I think totally trumps the original. The Magnetic Fields' version doesn't create the same kind of intense longing, nostalgiac loneliness, and alienation that the Arcade Fire's music has become synonymous with. And this is live - it just makes you realize what a fantastic band this really is.

At first, when Funeral first came out, I remember thinking that it was an average record. Not a bad record, just very average - I thought there were moments that seemed too hastily decided, and I thought that it was one of those albums that the band would see all their faults in hindsight. Now, however, after all my pretentious indie friends stopped liking them, I realize that the Arcade Fire is actually a great band. Funeral didn't even make my top ten list for 2004; it is the one example of a record that I absolutely love now that I didn't love upon release. It's fabulous.

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The Dead Angles

This is a band I'm not yet sure of - I'm not sure if Les Angles Morts is either visionary and amazing or just pure annoying. Apparently, it features some ex-members of the Arcade Fire. Yes - Les Angles Morts are yet another one of those "Montreal" bands that mixes "post-something" with "post-something else", inflicting their amalgamation with "noise influences" get the idea. Les Angles Morts are totally the stereotypical example of this.

They sometimes remind of kind of a dancier Lightning Bolt - in a weird kind of way. Even their song titles - "Portals", "Huge Antlers" - are absurdist and sarcastically post-modern, like our favourite Providence, Rhode Island noise band. I have a feeling I'm going to like this a lot more in a couple of weeks than I do now. Right now I'm still deciding on it - I'm not quite sure. And I don't quite know why I'm not quite sure.

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"Slow-beat"? WTF?

Here's kind of an interesting band. I don't know a whole lot about Hot Chip, aside from the fact that they're apparently inventing a new kind of electronica called "slow-beat". Please. Are these genre names going to get less and less creative every time an original band is pulled out of some ass somewhere? I don't buy "slow-beat". This is quite a good record though, and this song, "Playboy", is some heavy shit.

I love the tongue in cheek lyrics about pimpin' in a benz with some 20 inch rims, but you have to know that it's being sung by some geeky music nerd somewhere. This is a pretty sweet record too; optimum opportunities for some producers to sample this shit. Some of these songs would make some killer beats. Especially if the beats are "slow". How lame.

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Downloads this week:

The Arcade Fire - Born On A Train (Magnetic Fields cover) **EXPIRED**

Les Angles Morts - Huge Antlers **EXPIRED**

Hot Chip - Playboy **EXPIRED**


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