Thursday, February 23, 2006

Quite Possibly the Most Earth Shaking Album of the Year

I know that a lot of records have yet to be released this year, but I am absolutely trippin' out over the new Liars record, Drum's Not Dead. I heard three new releases this week; Prefuse 73's new Security Screenings, which blows my mind, and Mastodon's epic re-release package Call of the Mastodon, which gives new meaning to the term "metal", by the way - but no album has grabbed me like the new Liars album.

This record is larger than life. It is everything you could possibly hope for from a band, from music, from a collection of songs, from a group of three iced-up dudes who climbed the social ladder in the "dance-punk" scene and then did everything they could to break away from it...this band astounds me. They Were Wrong, So We Drowned was brilliant. Drum's Not Dead makes it look childish in comparison.

I simply wish there was something I could say which would encapsulate this record for me, but I am simply at a loss for words. Tribal percussion dissolves in and out of the forefront of the mix, a noise influence is at work - you can tell the effect that Wolf Eyes has had on the indie world - but, for the most part, we are noticing a definite homage to the post-punk music of This Heat. Interestingly, Liars manages to wear this influence on their sleeves without dulling the original bombast of one of the world's best-ever bands. They take the This Heat sound and refresh it, hopefully forcing thousands of fans to pick up the soon-to-be-re-released copy of Deceit.

This will be the album of the year. It undoubtedly is so far.

Here are the two tracks that really stood out for me:

Download "Drum and the Uncomfortable Can" off of Drum's Not Dead **EXPIRED**

Download "The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack" off of Drum's Not Dead **EXPIRED**


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