Sunday, March 19, 2006

American Geography is a great band from Victoria, BC. They've only released a demo and I just heard them today but I love them already. I've just checked out their demos on their Myspace page. This band has a seriously sweet Le Fly Pan Am, At the Drive-In meets Shellac sound...yeah man, that good. I'm stealing one of their profile images to put up here. I can't wait to see these boys play. Proof that the Canadian music scene is the best in the world. Three-piece too, guitar and bass. Steve Albini would be proud.


Blogger pluck said...

hey man, i just got in here and i'm finding your blog very... useful. seriously. i'm filling my wishlist right now with some bands you described so well, 'cause i believe you got a good taste for music.

anyways, do you have or even soulseek? the first one is to see what bands you listen more and the second one... to download them, of course.
in fact, i don't have much space left on my HD to download these things, but i just can't resist.

i'll come here later to check if you answered or not. it's not like you HAVE to, but it'd be nice.

5:50 PM  
Blogger eamster said...

yes, I have a soulseek account. add me as wexfordman
...if you are using version 156.
Thanks for your comments! That's awesome I've helped you out in your search for great music. Keep checking this blog out, I'm going to start updating more often again.

7:23 PM  

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