Sunday, May 28, 2006

I Thought Electroclash Was Dead...?

Fox n' Wolf create eighties-style heavy dance music, with titles like "Youth Alcoholic". They're catering more to the noise crowd, probably because they dress up like the animals they name themselves after--a la Animal Collective--and they are punk as fuck and angry and mad as hell. Dirgy dance, noise beats, and hardcore punk from Sweden. Like DFA, minus the trendiness, and upped in attitude and snarl. James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy coax five o' clock shadow, but Fox n' Wolf pass out in alleyways with syringes in their arms. You do the math. They're dirty and nasty and No-Wave and they make dirty and nasty dance music.

The most punked up, No-Wave dance band yet has to be 10LEC6, pronouced "Dyslexics". Their website sheds light on just how outrageously punk this French band is. They have more in common with Crass than they do with Arthur Russell and !!!. They remind me of Throbbing Gristle, The Slits, Teenage Jesus & the Jerks and a few other anarcho-punk and No-Wave bands. The premise of "Wolf Tooth" is brilliant--young girls scream about bitches and sex and domination. I love it. "You called me a bitch, so you think I'm a slut." How's that for opening lines?

Here's a link to a fabulos blog which has a lot of this stuff available for download. The blog's named after the incredible Throbbing Gristle album of the same name and the writers dig Wolf Eyes. Consider my subscription in the email.


10LEC6 - Wolf Tooth

Thursday, May 11, 2006

To further the Neil Young craze that I am currently swimming in, you should check out this video. It's Neil doing "Old Man" live in 1971, and it's absolutely brilliant.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006



It's so refreshing to hear protest music. Neil Young's new album, Living With War, is a harsh criticism of the Bush administration, of the Iraq war, and neo-conservative, and it's about fucking time. Neil Young represents the complete other end of the spectrum - his newest record is a balls out, rock and roll record, which makes Rust Never Sleeps look like Harvest Moon, both of which are totally essential musical documents.

This guy will never be a dinosaur, unlike the bureaucratic, right-wing has-beens that sit in the White House. Conservatives everywhere should tremble, because your days being the leaders of the free world are numbered, and you're all suckers anyway. This album will foreshadow a coming change in North American culture within the next few years, and thankfully a great, refreshing rock and roll album is coming out that is telling us this. Thank you Neil for slapping everyone in the face with great, awesome rocknroll.

"Flags of Freedom" is one of the most honest, close to home rock and roll songs I've heard in awhile. Neil Young's latest records have all been great too - Greendale was criminally ignored, even though it was one of the heaviest, most interesting Neil Young records ever. Prairie Wind kicked ass too. This guy is one of the most enduring and most incredible musical acts of all time. Respect. Respect, respect, respect.