Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Obliterate This

As of right now, I am the world's biggest Mission of Burma fan. These guys never fail to disappoint and continually release fantastic records. If 2004's ONoffON didn't show you that they're anything but washed-up, then this record will show that they have already "come back", and they are definitely here to stay.

Comparing this band with, oh, say, The Buzzcocks and their forgettable attempt at reformation, Mission of Burma is like comparing The Beatles with John Lennon's solo stuff. Basically what I'm getting at is that Plastic Ono Band is light years ahead of Let It Be, Rubber Soul, and all that other garbage that MOR patriarch Paul McCartney was involved in. Using this analogy, one concludes that The Obliterati, Mission of Burma's latest record, stomps on any release by any aging, reforming, cash hungry post-post-punk band.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Thom Yorke is awesome and will always be awesome.

The above statement is not an over or under exaggeration. It is spot on, perfectly describing the gentleman, who continues to make awe-inspiring music, particularly that off of his upcoming album The Eraser, a beautiful, electronica record. To raise some hype for the guy, because this album is going to blow everybody away, and to coax a thirst for the whiney, croonin' English art rocker, I've posted this brilliant live cover of a Neil Young classic which you can download here.

Thom Yorke - After the Goldrush (live) *EXPIRED*

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

"Digital Riot Grrl"

Princesse Rotative has literally just taken me by storm. What amounts to breakcore interspersed with heavy duty blasts of noise, a la Emil Beaulieau or something along those lines, gives me a pleasant headache. I'm reminded of when I first heard Kid606, only this is most certainly not drillnbass, or anything associated with that culture. This is noise music. This is heavy, heavy noise music.

This is how music would sound if Merzbow devoted his life to making records with Squarepusher. I know drumnbass kids that are just flipping out over this shit, and if you listen to it you can hear why, although I love this music and I've never been a huge drumnbass freak. I am into noise though, I love the loud stuff. I freak over Black Vase by Prurient and will relax to Venerology. I like my noise.

And so I give you Princesse Rotative, come to saturate the market with loud, snarly, youthful noise dance. This music gets into you. It cuts you deep. Here's a track, "Ninja Botoc", which I'm sure will let you get the picture.


Princesse Rotative - Ninja Botoc *EXPIRED*

Monday, June 05, 2006

WOLF EYES on the verge of releasing new record...Human Animal

Of course, anyone who knows me knows that I think that Wolf Eyes is the best band ever. Their sonic assault has made me a devoted fanatic of the Detroit, Michigan noise band and ever since hearing Burned Mind for the first time I considered my life indefinitely changed for good. Thier primal blasts of throbbing, heavy beats, shrieked, unintelligble vocals and harsh, textural blasts of noise created some of the most perfect, darkest music of all time. This is not music to make love to, this is music to burn your house to. And how we love them for giving us this insight to perhaps the blackest side of the human condition.

Anyways, imagine my glee when Sub Pop announced that it was going to release the next Wolf Eyes full length Human Animal. It's going to be the first recorded release featuring Mike Connelly of the equally loud and dissonant Hair Police, another fine noise band, and apparently, Aaron Dilloway has even taken some time off from his recent trip to Nepal to provide some input into the record.

This is going to blow everybody's teeny melodic mind. Finally, Wolf Eyes will once again surface from the underground, and produce a maniacal, brutal assault of unforsaken noise. On the 26th of September, the Bush administration will really have a reason to raise the threat level to red. Wolf Eyes are serious sonic terrorists; their music continues to provide a more than adequate soundtrack for the current demise of human civilization.

Wolf Eyes - Human Animal ... out September 26th