Wednesday, June 07, 2006

"Digital Riot Grrl"

Princesse Rotative has literally just taken me by storm. What amounts to breakcore interspersed with heavy duty blasts of noise, a la Emil Beaulieau or something along those lines, gives me a pleasant headache. I'm reminded of when I first heard Kid606, only this is most certainly not drillnbass, or anything associated with that culture. This is noise music. This is heavy, heavy noise music.

This is how music would sound if Merzbow devoted his life to making records with Squarepusher. I know drumnbass kids that are just flipping out over this shit, and if you listen to it you can hear why, although I love this music and I've never been a huge drumnbass freak. I am into noise though, I love the loud stuff. I freak over Black Vase by Prurient and will relax to Venerology. I like my noise.

And so I give you Princesse Rotative, come to saturate the market with loud, snarly, youthful noise dance. This music gets into you. It cuts you deep. Here's a track, "Ninja Botoc", which I'm sure will let you get the picture.


Princesse Rotative - Ninja Botoc *EXPIRED*


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