Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Obliterate This

As of right now, I am the world's biggest Mission of Burma fan. These guys never fail to disappoint and continually release fantastic records. If 2004's ONoffON didn't show you that they're anything but washed-up, then this record will show that they have already "come back", and they are definitely here to stay.

Comparing this band with, oh, say, The Buzzcocks and their forgettable attempt at reformation, Mission of Burma is like comparing The Beatles with John Lennon's solo stuff. Basically what I'm getting at is that Plastic Ono Band is light years ahead of Let It Be, Rubber Soul, and all that other garbage that MOR patriarch Paul McCartney was involved in. Using this analogy, one concludes that The Obliterati, Mission of Burma's latest record, stomps on any release by any aging, reforming, cash hungry post-post-punk band.


Blogger David said...

I, also, loved OnOffOn. It's great to have been old enough to have been a fan of the original incarnation of Mission of Burma and to see them come back around in such a wonderful way, i.e. really fucking not changing a damn thing and thereby demonstrating how awesome and influential they were to start with. Catchy stuff on the new album too. Saw them tour a couple years ago, plexi-glass and noise protecting headphones and all, and they put on a great show.

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