Monday, June 05, 2006

WOLF EYES on the verge of releasing new record...Human Animal

Of course, anyone who knows me knows that I think that Wolf Eyes is the best band ever. Their sonic assault has made me a devoted fanatic of the Detroit, Michigan noise band and ever since hearing Burned Mind for the first time I considered my life indefinitely changed for good. Thier primal blasts of throbbing, heavy beats, shrieked, unintelligble vocals and harsh, textural blasts of noise created some of the most perfect, darkest music of all time. This is not music to make love to, this is music to burn your house to. And how we love them for giving us this insight to perhaps the blackest side of the human condition.

Anyways, imagine my glee when Sub Pop announced that it was going to release the next Wolf Eyes full length Human Animal. It's going to be the first recorded release featuring Mike Connelly of the equally loud and dissonant Hair Police, another fine noise band, and apparently, Aaron Dilloway has even taken some time off from his recent trip to Nepal to provide some input into the record.

This is going to blow everybody's teeny melodic mind. Finally, Wolf Eyes will once again surface from the underground, and produce a maniacal, brutal assault of unforsaken noise. On the 26th of September, the Bush administration will really have a reason to raise the threat level to red. Wolf Eyes are serious sonic terrorists; their music continues to provide a more than adequate soundtrack for the current demise of human civilization.

Wolf Eyes - Human Animal ... out September 26th


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