Friday, July 28, 2006

Twenty years on, and still nobody treads on the Mats

The greatest rock band ever, next to maybe The Clash--who are of course, in a league all their own; they don't even play the same fucking sport people, admit it--are undoubtedly The Replacements. Every rock band starting out should base everything they do on these two bands. The Replacements had the never-ending youthful energy, the rawest punk attitude, and the greatest songs. Nobody comes close to Paul Westerberg's songwriting, particularly on "Unsatisfied," "Answering Machine," "Left of the Dial," "Here Comes A Regular," "Color Me Impressed"...

The list is almost endless. Thankfully, a Replacements "greatest hits" package is being released this year featuring two new Replacements songs, although not featuring their original lineup. Original guitarist Bob Stinson died in the mid-nineties, so they obviously didn't get his help making the recordings. I'm sure he was there in spirit, in true Bob Stinson fashion however.

Anyway, what I'm getting at with all this is that I'm giving you the chance to download an entire Replacements live set in zip format. A full 25 songs, live in Chicago in 1986, and this is rare shit. So go crazy until this link expires in true digital glory. There's no catch. We're just paying tribute to the greatest band ever.

Highlights: The full band version of "Answering Machine," the cuts off of Tim, the cover of "Nowhere Man." The whole thing is awesome in my opinion.

Download The Replacements - Live in Chicago 1986 here.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cassettes Won't Listen

This is pretty crazy stuff. Cassettes Won't Listen, the bedroom electronica project of one Jason Drake, has just floored me with his cover of the Pavement classic "Cut Your Hair." Drake crafts a beat-heavy bassed up dance track from the indie rock gods' song about long hair, smoking dope and daydreaming, which is tough to achieve, but they've done it.

Cassettes Won't Listen also has crossed paths with Midlake in the past, and a remix of the Midlake track "Young Bride" can be found here.

Download "Cut Your Hair" here.
Download "Young Bride (CWL Remix)" here.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lounge Lives!!!

Baby Dayliner has not left my stereo in four days. I'm addicted to his "Frank Sinatra over hip hop" approach to music making, and The National loves him, which is good enough for me. If you like Morrissey or James Dean then you'll love this guy; he looks like some badass biker crooner type, only he sings over a sampler and stands alone on stage, which I think is awesome.

His latest album's opening track, "At Least," is just too catchy to ignore. I can't get enough of it, the beat is so tight and big, and his voice is so whimsical and perfect for the track. This might be one of the best singles I've heard in years. I can't wait to see this guy live.

Download "At Least" here.
Visit his official web site here.