Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Here's What You Need

Okay, so it's been a goooood long while...a few months, in fact. But I have no shame, and so I am unapologetic. I'm equally as unapologetic because I'm going to tell you exactly what you need, as per usual.

Canadian music, and Canadian dance music, is some of the best in the world. Of course, when I talk about dance music I'm not talking about some house producer in a studio with two decks, and even though I do like some of that stuff, I'm just not as familiar with it. So, when I mean dance music, I'm talking a little more broadly about music you can dance to.

And what better music to dance to than Vanouver's Primes? The West Coast two piece is representing BC with their version of punk-noise-dirge-dance, featuring Jack Duckworth of Radio Berlin. And we all like Radio Berlin.

Primes' new EP, Facades and Pink Forms, takes the energy and volume of the Fall, or any other dark, English, post-punk band, and interjects it with the feel and groove of Shout Out Out Out! or Holy Fuck or any other Canadian dance-ish band right now.

There's a movement going on in the Great White North, and it isn't just for hosers and booze heads, it's something very real. It's a concrete wave of strange, new, and exciting dance bands, and the leaders of this movement are those three groups I've mentioned. Weird Dance Canada is taking over. It's weird, it's from Canada, and you can dance to it. So put down your guitars, kids, and pick up a dusty Casio, buy a distortion pedal, and start throwin' down.